Friday, September 24, 2010

Hanger Homes: A Lesson in Supply and Demand

From one of my aviation industry newsletters:
"The FAA says so-called through-the-fence agreements, where "hangar home" landowners adjacent to airports have gated access to the airport next door, threaten operations, safety, security and future expansion of airports and House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure heard from all sides of the debate over whether these kinds of deals should be allowed. The FAA has proposed that the 75 existing arrangements between publicly funded airports and private owners be honored but that no further through-the-fence deals be allowed."

This policy proposal may make things interesting for the hanger homes adjacent to Cameron Park AirPark. If the FAA rules that no new agreements can be made, I would imagine that home values for this development will go up. These homes have a very unique value proposition, commute to work, perhaps in they Bay Area, without ever leaving the comfort of your plane. The streets in their neighborhood are extra-wide for taxi-ing aircraft, and the garages are essentially small aircraft hangers.