Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A New Obsession?

So I will confess, housing data just isn't as interesting as it once was. One of my new obsessions, checking on California rainfall data here.

Agriculture is a vital part of our state's economy (my mom was employed at a family owned fertilizer company for almost 30 years)....three years of drought will make a bad recession even more painful. Ironically, the NY Times picked up the story this weekend.
  • "The country’s biggest agricultural engine, California’s sprawling Central Valley, is being battered by the recession like farmland most everywhere. But in an unlucky strike of nature, the downturn is being deepened by a severe drought that threatens to drive up joblessness, increase food prices and cripple farms and towns."


sacramentia said...

I like the topic and am a boater, so I am interested in full lakes. Does anyone know why the lakes are so low. The rain fail is nowhere near as low as the late 70's drought however Folsom and Shasta are at record low levels. Does anyone know why?

Jacob said...

Too much water is drained and then we don't get enough rain to replenish it.

The other major change is that Folsom lake has become the "work horse" for the federal and state water projects. Since the lake is the closest major storage reservoir to the California Delta, the Bureau of Reclamation manages water releases from Folsom and Nimbus Dams to maintain Delta salinity standards. Because of this and increasing water exports, the lake is drained to a low level most falls.