Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Join the Club?

As long time readers know, I am a big fan of the master planned community concept where the centerpiece is a community clubhouse (complete with swimming pools, fitness centers, gathering rooms, etc). They offer a nice setting for meeting neighbors (which builds community) and also provide activities for kids that don’t involve a TV or computer.

I recently had the occasion to visit two of the more popular developments in the Sacramento Region, the Whitney Ranch House, in Rocklin, as well as the Anatolia Clubhouse, in Rancho Cordova. Both were very nicely done, and made me wistful that we passed up on Blackstone in El Dorado Hills.

I especially liked the wading pools for the little ones that can’t swim. The Clubhouse at Anatolia even has theirs gated, so moms don’t have to worry about the little ones wandering off near the big pools. However the Clubhouse’s lack of bathrooms for people in the swimming area was a huge inconvenience for my 5 year old who makes frequent trips.

Regarding the Whitney Ranch House, the kids loved the “magic” water spray area, and we really liked the personal cabanas. However, the amount of surgical enhancements on display, made even the EDH Sports Club look tame.

Regarding Blackstone in EDH, we seriously considered purchasing there, primarily for the location and clubhouse. In the end, we didn’t want to risk purchasing early in the 900 acre development (due to the greater economic troubles etc.), and weren’t real keen on the home layouts we could afford.

In my early quest for a clubhouse like setting, my previous land lord mistakenly thought that the Serrano Country Club was a part of the package with the HOA (like it is with his development down in Elk Grove). However, when my husband and his mom when to check out the Country Club, they were in for disappointing news, as it’s for members only. To add insult to injury, someone actually asked my mother-in-law to leave while she was looking around because she was wearing….gasp…..black Jeans (no jeans allowed). So we obviously got off to a bad start with the whole Serrano experience (not to mention the snotty assistant when I went to get my car sticker).


sacramentia said...

I agree with you on the community clubhouse. I also miss living in a neighborhood with one, and the Serrano country club is not what we are looking for. We're just not there yet - maybe some more money 20 years and we'll feel like we fit.

Just to be fair, the Serrano CC is allowing jeans starting this fall, and has lowered the cost of membership for social and sport.

In the meantime, the EDH sports club fits the bill with a pool, lots of kids, and a snack bar.

And I don't understand why some people are so against surgical enhancements? It's a great way to accessorize any pool deck or boat.

Buying Time said...

We gave up our membership to California Family Fitness when we moved. I just loved that place and felt very comfortable there. I reluctantly joined EDH sports club....but it is closer and many other familys we know are also members.

The "accessories" at EDH sports club are very intimidating. Makes me thankful I am not single, as they seem to be a "must have" for any single woman over 30 these days.

Paul said...

BT: Have you visited your new community club house in CP, yet? And the new pool should be done soon, but I don't know about the wading area (if any).

As for enhancements, well, I can't think of anything appropriate to say, so I'll just say nothing.