Monday, August 3, 2009

The Spirit of Sacramento

While on a Southwest flight to San Diego, I browsed through their "spirit" magazine. They had a little fact sheet, based on Pew Research Center statistics. The survey asked Americans where they would like to move to.

I was shocked, by the results.....Sacramento made number 9! With 28% of Americans wanting to move here (sandwiched between Portland and San Antonio). At the top of the list was Denver, San Diego, Seattle.

A while back someone made a request for a list of "affordable social events for people on an average entertainment budget."

So here are several of my top picks that are free:

  • Second Saturday - Great way to spend an evening in MidTown.
  • Nimbus Fish Hatchery - Truly amazing to watch when the Salmon & Steelhead are spawning. The visitor center is very well done.
  • American River Trail - We recently parked at the Fish Hatchery and rode north on the trail past Lake Natoma, and then stopped for a bite to eat at Dos Coyotes.
My other favorite past time (before we had kids) was the 4th of July float down the American River. Although, from what I have heard, they have cracked down on drinking and floating. One year actually we made the local news with a makeshift pontoon boat, that had an American flag on it...the flag pole doubled as a beer bong.

Don't hesitate to list some of your favorites in the comments.


husmanen said...

Yes, before kids the River dominated my free time from partying, swimming, jumping off the bridges etc.

In the Fall I would even study by the river on a little sandbar off of Fair Oaks and River Oak. Nice quiet and cool.

With the family things are different, so we too bike along the river and visit the hatchery. But we also go to Music in the Park on Friday nights in Folsom, a lot of families and a nice time.

Buying Time said...

Same for us, we went to the EDH CSD sponsored Concert in the Park this Saturday. Great way to spend the evening.

I also enjoy taking my kids to Cameron Park Lake ($5 for non-residents, free kids under 6). They love to play in the sand lagoon, and the mature Oaks provide much needed shade.

PeonInChief said...

We often go to the free concerts in Cesar Chavez Park on Friday night. Sometimes the groups are good, sometimes not so good. We heard Dog Party a couple of weeks ago--middle school angst.

PeonInChief said...

And the Crocker Art Museum is free from 10-1 on Sundays. Most of the original collection (from the Crockers) is third-rate art by fourth-rate artists, but the newer stuff is quite decent. And the special exhibits are often excellent.

RV6Flyer said...

East Sacramento has the summer filled with free events on the weekend. Pops in the park is a June thing, so must wait until next year, but the East Portal show is must attend. Bring your best piknic food, a couple of bottles of wine, and a blanket.
August has screen on the green for the kids. No huge turnouts, but still fun.
Other fun and inexpensive Sac stuff...
Free tour of the State Capitol
Catch a movie at the Crest
The family series at the B Street Theatre
Fairytale Town
Sutter's Fort was free, but might soon have a fee.
Playing dodgeball or capture the flag then enjoying cheap drinks at XOSO--not for kids..
Neighborhood block party/BBQ

Paul said...

Placerville Arts Association has an upcoming artists' studio tour (September 18-20) featuring about 60 local and very talented artists, all for the cost of a $6 map (to support the scholarship fund).

And Placerville is hosting its annual free arts and crafts fair this Sunday on Main Street.

sacramentia said...

When my wife and I moved here 3 years ago, I was always surprised by how many people didn't realize how great of a place this is to live. I started telling my old friends that the place was great, but a lot of the people had Sacramentia and were too negative.