Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter Break

Will be on hiatus for quite some time (at least till after the new year).

Hoping this holiday season finds everyone happy, healthy, and employed.

Below is a picture of what our family woke up to Monday morning (the view from our backyard). The wonder and delight in my kid's eyes was contagious.

Best to all.


PeonInChief said...

Oh I do hope that they had a wonderful "snow day." I hope you put a bit of the snow in the freezer--this doesn't happen very often.

Buying Time said...

The first thing my daughter said when she awoke this morning was to ask if her snowman was still there. And she also had to check on her snowball in the freezer.

I've lived in California for most of my life (in fact this week marks another year) and have never ever had snow like this.

We will likely go "snowing" this weekend.

PeonInChief said...

1976--snow in Golden Gate Park. Probably the only time it has ever happened. Everyone went out to look at it.

radiophilejapan said...

BT and everyone here: Happy Holidays!
I didn't even know it snowed in EDH. Great Xmas gift for the kids.
Best regards.

husmanen said...

Enjoy your time off!! We even got snow in the hills in Folsom.

My daughter that has a birthday soon has been wishing for snow. Needless to say she was beside herself.

sacramentia said...

What a fun day. I went sledding down the middle of the street with my daughter. It has been so cold my front yard is still covered in snow this morning.