Friday, January 22, 2010

EID Rate Hike

In case you haven't heard (thanks to all who forwarded e-mails), El Dorado Irrigation District is proposing a huge rate hike (80% over the next 5 years). Up till now I was hesitant to post anything about the protest, since I was worried they might default on their bond obligations. The literature I read made it sound like they needed the money to pay for infrastructure projects etc.

Well, now I am pissed off. I just saw today that the proposed rate hike is not all about covering the cost of water projects. Apparently there were some massive pension increases (35%) approved back in 2004. This seems really irresponsible to me. Times have changed. I understand that forecasts were calling for continued revenues, but revenues have changed drastically. Everyone should be asked to sacrifice, not just the rate payers.

Copied below is the e-mail I received from several folks explaining the situation:

EID is proposing a series of rate hikes starting with 35 percent in 2010, 15 percent in 2011 and concluding with 5 percent raises for the following three years, 2012-2014. The notices began arriving last week in your bill. Altogether it compounds out to an 80 percent increase in five years. The first rate hike is planned to go into effect a week before February, 2010.

The notices start a 45-day deadline for ratepayers to mail written protests to EID. Protests must include the assessor's parcel number of the property in which the person signing the protest letter has an interest, either as the owner or a tenant paying the utility bills. Only one written protest per parcel is counted.

Under the terms of Proposition 218 if 51 percent mail in objections to the rate increase within 45 days the rate increase is defeated.


Buying Time said...

I should note, that I was already frustrated with them, based on how they handeled our move in bill. Not customer friendly at all.

sacramentia said...

Thanks for posting this. I agree with you.

sunshine said...

I also find the timing of their notice a little suspicous. So if anyone wants to fight the rate hikes, please submit a protest letter (form letter at

The Bass Lake Action Committee also includes lots of info. on their website's newsletter.

husmanen said...

Thanks, I will share this with my parents, two brothers and other friends at a party this weekend in Cameron Park.