Thursday, March 6, 2008

March 2008 Good Buys & Offers to Builders

Please post homes you think are a good buy or any offers you know of that were accepted, especially to builders. It will help give others negotiating leverage when they are ready to buy. Even just letting people know what type of builder incentives they can expect would be helpful since its hard to tell if they give everyone the same incentives.

Currently there are over 20 homes in my screen scrape that are listed below 165$ sqft (of course, at least half of them are pending sale and many have mello roos and HOA). Still, not too shabby.

Pieces of data to include: Zip Code, MLS or Development Name, List Price, Incentives, Offer (if any), house details (sq ft, garage size, lots size etc).

Feel free to post info for homes anywhere in the Sacramento Metro area. Just cause I tend to confine my search to the Gold River, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park areas doesn't mean others have to.

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norcaljeff said...

Oh come on people, where are our eyes and ears out there? :)

Found a one year old home, 1700 sqft in Folsom (Empire Ranch), 2-car garage, lots of upgrades, repo'd shortly after the buyer bought it so it's not even dirty yet. Bank put in on the market 2 days ago for $229K but sold the next day. Someone was probably eyeing it but if you had listened to Sippin and bought it last summer you would have paid over $370K. Look at it this way, $137/sq is your new comp in Folsom.