Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lack of Common Courtesy?

Well, I am going to assume that our offer to the bank (which hasn't responded yet), was not good enough. They are holding the house open again this weekend (and had it open last weekend).

My they just lack the common courtesy to respond to us (after all, their agent never returned any calls), or are they holding it open one last time to shop the offer?

I guess we will find out on Monday (when my agent suggested we would get an answer).

Update: We stopped by both Saturday and Sunday when it was supposed to be open, according to to give it another look and see what the agent had to say (she was not the listing agent). Both times the house was not open. Of course this leaves me wondering if they might be seriously considering our offer. At the gym today I was daydreaming about how I would decorate....sigh.


Curious said...

I well remember the anxiety of a home purchase/offer.

You have my deepest sympathy.

I have no idea what the bank is thinking but I suspect you're on the right track with your assumptions.

If you're absolutely in love with this house then I hope nobody else highballs you by $1k.

If you lose it by a lot, then it wasn't meant for you and another home is still waiting for you to discover it.

It seems that buying from a bank can bring enormous savings but can also induce a lot of anxiety.

It might be time to recalibrate your expectations if you're going to be bidding on bank owned houses. Bank owned homes don't seem to close in anything less than 6-9 months. That's a lot of stress but also worth it if it means saving $100k+ on the purchase price. Bank owned houses do not act like normal houses FSBO or agent.

You seem like nice kids and good people, best wishes and good luck to you, always!

Paul said...

Isn't "bank courtesy" and oxymoron? There was a time when banks were local, operated and managed by people you see in the supermarket each week. Now days, loans are held by UBS, Bear Stearns, Citi, Countrywide, etc. They have no incentive to be courtesy and have employed people in this housing cycle, to try to maximize their profits ... as always. As a stockholder, that is what I would want to see. As a consumer, it makes me want to boycott them.

G Spot1 said...

I think it may have less to do with a lack of courtesy than a lack of personnel. Sad to say, I think the banks are swamped.