Friday, April 11, 2008

Too Good to Be True

I particularly like to browse listings on ZipRealty near downtown Folsom. I happened upon this one yesterday and immediately e-mailed my agent to get a little more info on it.

500 Sibley in Folsom, looks like a gem at first glance (older well cared for home near light rail and downtown Folsom). MLS 80023909. The lot size on the listing is really small, but the pictures show a large lot so I assumed it was a typographical error.

Well my agent called today give me the low down. Apparently they have split their lot into two parcels. And both must sell together. But it allowed the seller to drop their asking price on the home by 175k.

I guess desperate times call for desperate measures and dirty tricks. Sigh...and that home looked so lovely.

(From the mapping feature, it looks like the home is located next to a cemetery...too much bad juju in that case).


Brodisha said...

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Jacob said...

so wait, the home is 175k cheaper, but you have to buy the other piece of land with it for 175k?

Buying Time said...

Yup...I guess its one way to generate more interest.

Deflationary Jane said...


not going to make it, I'm heading back into work now >; (