Friday, July 10, 2009

Making Headway

Just had to share some happy news (it doesn't seem to come often these days). My uncle's wife, who was laid off from a local propane company in August, finally received a job offer. The search has been very difficult. For every position she has applied for, her resume has been one of hundreds. Our whole family is so very relieved to hear this news.

Unfortunately, my uncle the printer, is still being furloughed frequently. As I have mentioned before, I consider printing activity a leading indicator, so I don't think the Sacramento economy is out of the woods just yet, but it does mean at least my uncle's family should be okay....phew.


husmanen said...

Great to hear some good news! Enjoy the weekend.

radiophilejapan said...

Congratulations to your uncle's wife. It's a great achievement in tough times like these and in Sacramento. State jobs should further decline with all the budget pressure, so job market won't be pretty for a few years, I think. I myself am looking into getting a part time or a less strenous job in the Sacramento area in a couple of years, and I hope the job market will be looking up by then. One can only hope in this worldwide slump.

Jeff T said...

I am starting a new company in the Sacramento region. It is called Furlough Friday. We are looking at 3 and I hear 4 furlough days for a 20% paycut. I have a degree in Economics, Finance and Accounting and yet continue to do my own handy-man work around the house. My pitch is two pronged, business and handy-man, if you have a need, I can help fill it.

On the other hand, cheers for your aunt and empathy for your uncle. Interesting call on the printer but I don't think it is a leading indicator. I think printing picks up after the turn in economy. The turn will cause pessimism to turn to optimism and then others to venture out. Not sure I would call it a leading. Perhaps, like you mentioned cardboard and transportation. We should look at load tons per mile in the freight system to gage that.

I am seeing another heavy roll coming through before things get better. Larry Summers (Treasury) said it might take a while for the stimulus to gain traction and this is the reporting period for 2nd quarter profits. If those are not up, I think people will remain sour on the economy for another quarter.

~tip of the hat to all

sacramentia said...

congrats! I love good news.

RV6Flyer said...

Great news! I can sympathize with how hard being out of work can be. Not just financially, but emotionally too.