Friday, August 8, 2008

It's Even More Official

The job losses are mounting.

My uncle, the printer, who has been living in the Sacramento area for almost 20 years, tied the knot this year. Unfortunately, the good times were sort lived. I am deeply saddened to report that his new wife, has been laid off without warning, after working at a local Sacramento business for 19 years.

She is the second family member in the area to be laid off recently.

I am at a loss for words to describe how I feel right now.


Jacob said...

Sorry to hear that. I have been fortunate so far, in that nobody I know has last their job. But I see stores closing everywhere.

Hopefully she will land on her feet and find something even better down the road.

STAG said...

I guess you can be like everybody else and blame NAFTA.

Cmyst said...

One of the reasons I took a breather from the blogs was that several family members, including two grown kids, were having problems directly related to the housing bubble,including a job loss. Currently, we have close friends who we discovered made some huge housing bubble/HEW mistakes.
Kind of makes me crazy that bubble bloggers are accused of taking joy in the downturn.

sunshine said...

From what I'm seeing, it's only going to get worse in the next 6-12 months. By then, everyone will know someone either from work, family or school who has been affected by this bubble.