Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Investing with Neutral?

After complaining about the beige and neutral colors of our rental home for several years, you would think I would be jenny-on-the-spot with a splash of color. Oddly, now that I have the option, the desire has left.

But this got me to thinking about wall color. With our first home, we were careful not to choose wall colors that were loud or bright. We didn't plan to stay there long term, so Mr. BT was always concerned about resale value.

Since moving back to California, I have noticed that wall color is not very common in the homes we have looked at. In fact, rentals and MLS write ups often tout neutral colors as a selling point.

So this brings me to my question, is wall color simply out of fashion, or are people still thinking of their home as an investment (i.e. don't want to personalize the home and risk making it less appealing)? If it's actually the latter, paint sales would be a great indicator that the market has finally returned to normal.

As for me, I'm thinking of trying out some textured wall paper in the bathrooms. (Anyone know of a good selection in the Sacramento area?)


radiophilejapan said...

True, most homes we have seen had neutral colors, maybe to appeal to a wider target buyer base, but some of them were pretty colorful inside. I think you're right, people would personalize the color of the rooms but they are afraid of turning off a portion of potential buyers. So the sales of bright color paint could have a strong correlation with the stabilizatin of the market. I'll check how the Sherwin Williams stocks have been doing.

husmanen said...

Yeah, I have seen the drabness quite a few times. Actually, currently living in a rental that was relatively new, flipped so many times that no one ever bothered to even paint, we still have the 'base' paint after new construction (it marks easily).

We have done some personalization with hanging textiles. IKEA has a lot of great patterns to choose from and at very good prices, especially for the kids rooms and the kitchen.

We have done the wallpaper thing before, not sure I want to do that again even if we will be staying for a long time.

PeonInChief said...

I'm weird. I like white walls, or pale grey, as artwork shows up much better on them. I frankly have never understood why people wanted lavender or hot pink or wedgewood blue. But people have been watching too much HGTV if they think that people can't look beyond the lavender wall and realize that paint is cheap.

Jacob said...

I would not worry about resale since painting is pretty easy, when you want to see just paint it a neutral color again...

For now paint it whatever color you want, or just paint an accent wall or something.