Monday, March 22, 2010

Yearning for Yard Crash

As most of you know, when you purchase a new home, they typically come with front yard landscaping. This leaves a blank slate for the backyard . So Mr.BT and I regularly watch Yard Crashers on DIY to get some ideas. Of course, every time we hit the hardware store, we are hoping to find the host, Ahmed Hassan there.

Recently I realized its not a completely far fetched fantasy. Now that we have started doing work on our yard, I've become familiar with some local Sacramento companies. Lately, when watching the show I noticed some of the same local Sacramento companies. For instance, we bought wood for our deck from Berco, which is a local lumber yard that is regularly featured in the show. I also saw the lighting geek appear a couple times. From what I can see of the store layout where he meets people, I think he prefers OSH , but I hear he has also hit Emigh's.

So I did a little research after tonight's show out of curiosity, and apparently Yard Crashers is produced by a local Sacramento company!

Unfortunately, by my calculation, I doubt we will ever make the show cause I figure they find folks on a Friday afternoon, so that they can come back over the weekend to do the work (and Mr. BT and I are usually hard at work then). With spring upon us, we are envisioning all the possibilities, but certainly wishing we had a little help.


husmanen said...

Nice article, didn't know that about Yard Crashers. Maybe they read your blog and will make you a 'good example'. Good luck.

If you are looking for bulk stuff, e.g. rock, bark etc. Just up the road is a very good local company.

Foothill Landscape Materials
3931 Durock Rd, Shingle Springs
(530) 677-4716

They are priced well and give generous loads.

Paul said...

Hang out at the Folsom or County Club Orchard Supply Hardware stores ... They appear to be favored hang outs for the host.

And I am of the opinion they use the magic of tv to actually "meet" the target more than a week before the actual weekend work event. I think it is unlikely they could plan, purchase and coordinate such undertakings on even one week's notice.

But good luck with the effort!

Buying Time said...

Thanks for the tips you two.

If by some stroke of luck we find Ahmed at the hardware store, I will be sure to do an "all call" on the blog for help. I believe the target homeowners are expected to bring friends to help.

Speaking of help, one big mystery on the show is that most of the time these homeowners are shopping with their very young children when they agree to take him home. So what the heck do they do with their kids while they work in the yard? It's like they magically disapear.

PeonInChief said...

I think there are probably insurance problems with having children hanging around a building site. The probably suggest that the kids play with friends for the weekend.

patient renter said...

Some friends of friends in Roseville were on the show. They were picked up at an Osh (not sure which).

Deflationary Jane said...

BT, there are already quite a few of us who hit those stores just in case he's there. Personally, I think he should do a special on us former fence sitters for the network >; )

ps. I have friends who would come to help **hint hint, nudge, nudge**