Friday, September 7, 2007

Another Pet Peeve

Its not like Realtors are all that busy these would think they could take the 20 seconds out of their day to respond to an e-mail inquiry on one of their listings.

Isn't that one of the listing agents main function?

Perhaps they just didn't want to answer.....I asked if there had been any offers on a house (its been listed for a really long time....and the price has dropped significantly). But at least a courteous acknowledgement even if they don't want to answer would be in order.


AgentBubble said...

Yeah, another thing that ticks me off is when I call an agent for info on a house and their message says they only return calls between 1 and 3 each day...Get real.

Teri said...

Nice Blog :)

mr big said...

They are arrogant as hell most of the time.I am sorry that a lot of them will be returning to walmart and flipping burgers as time goes on.Maybe we will seem them squatting in reo properties trying to get free rent. Soon we will see, " Occupied by starving realtor, bring any offer to checker #3 at walmart ASAP".

Giacomo said...

Probably they don't want to answer, for reasons you suggest.

I think many people still find it relatively easy to "pretend" they didn't get an email, as if the technology isn't reliable. On the other hand, almost no one has the nerve to claim they didn't get a phone message.

Sippn said...

Their main function is to sell the property the seller listed with them.

I'm sure if answering that question for you helped, they would answer it all the time.

Many "listing" agents would rather deal with other agents. . . - your "buyers" agent. Its a way to judge if you're serious or not.

Giacomo said...

Wait, wait, since when don't listing agents want to hear from unattached buyers? I thought being a "dual agent" on a deal was every agent's dream, since it means locking up the entire commission.

yao ming said...

I heard mattel is coming out with a new toy.The much awaited realtor blow up doll will be at stores just in time for xmas.There was a delay in rolling out the much anticipated doll. This was do to reluctant chinese manufacturers who are very miffed about loseing their arses via CDO's.

Gwynster said...

"Many "listing" agents would rather deal with other agents. . . - your "buyers" agent. Its a way to judge if you're serious or not."

OK I call major BS on that one. And the agent has to present my offer. If the sellers and their agent don't play ball, then too bad, so sad for them.

Giacomo said...
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Steven said...

mr big:

I've seen it first hand. The agent for this property is living in it rent free.

MLS 70075611

Sippn said...

G - I get your point, but to present that offer, you have to sign it and include a deposit check - would you be ready to do both?

A sales person's responsibility in any field is to separate real buyers from tire kickers.

AB is asking a negotiating question without having seen the property (I assume that because there is no agent relationship).

Of course, why would I be thinking strategy. . . the agent could also have another job or hasn't figured out how to access the company website. Stupider things could be happening! Ha

IQs are spread across the band, its another multiple choice test.

Sippn said...

G, AB, I probably owe you's apologies.

Price same as always, drinks on me. :)

Gwynster said...


When I start the dialog, the checkbook always comes out. 80% of my cash is in staggered CDs and 20% is always available to play hardball.

I just make sure that I add that all offers are firm and final. That good faith money comes back pretty quick so I don't worry. And just in case, I let their agent know that all counter offers (in case they try to get smart with me) will automatically be met with be 5% reduction from from last offer.

Any agent who really wants to piss off another realtor should hire me out >; )