Wednesday, September 5, 2007

August MelissaData for Folsom and El Dorado Hills

Hmmm.....while sales continue to plummet, the average sales price has risen 2 months in a row for both EDH and Folsom. The increased average price could be a result of fewer home sales in the lower ranges (which is why most reports use the median price). These results are not very consistent with my weekly screen scrape, which is why I don't see the trend holding.

In the coming months we should see if the effects of the jumbo loan financing squeeze start to bring these averages back down.

In general the data for EDH is looking very erratic, partially because the sample size has shrunk dramatically. All my usual caveats for MelissaData still apply.

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Gwynster said...

Hmmm Zillow was showing a rise in Woodland prices too and yet all I've seen selling is maybe a few newer homes (centex or KB) and a few of the homes at 250K or less. Anything over 250K is just sitting and sitting, and sitting....