Wednesday, September 5, 2007

September Good Buys

Not too many "good buys" last month. However I think we are seeing many more, "better than before" buys ....but still very few truly "good buys".

Technically there were only 2 listings posted in let's see if we can find at least 3 this month (will re-post the September comments made in the August section).

Check out the ground rules for posting. Next time will try and post this section on time (was out of town for the long holiday).


buying time said...

Septpember 2, 2007 Landwhore said:

How about:
5504 Grouse Ct Loomis
mls: 70089205
2750sf for 399950 or $146/sf

Might be too close to the freeway though. Should be able to get it for less than asking price.

buying time said...

September 4, 2007 House2008 said:

Buying time: Just revisited your MLS listing 70063373 & they have it lilsted for 475K. So let's see a drop of $12,900 since August 7? Yikes!

Cmyst said...

This is the best buy on my list, and if they drop it to 300K, I may have to get serious about it.
MLS # 70081748
8716 Superb Circle,Elk Grove
2100 sf or $148/sf
They've gone down about 50K so far on this one.
This is a Streng in fairly pristine condition. They did paint over the walls at some point, and they put up silly banisters around the planters, and covered some of the concrete walkways with carpet. The kitchen has NOT been updated and does NOT have granite counters.
It is close to freeway access, post office, grocery store and park. The neighborhood, while not stunning, is decently middle/working class. They don't show the front of the house, but I've driven by it and it is nicely landscaped with some cypress trees and flowers.

mr big said...

There aren't any good buys out there that I see at this point.A good buy will be at a fire sale or foreclosure sale.Sitting it out for awhile.

Gwynster said...


That is an awesome Streng! If it wasn't for the drive, we might have to thumb wrestle over it.

I'm only looking at Woodland and Davis and needless to say, there is nothing, nada, zip that makes sense. The one place that was a maybe if they dropped the price by 1/3 just increased the price by 30k - whiskey tango foxtrot?

Cmyst said...

It's some weird reverse psychology Jedi mind trick thing. People have even spoken to me about it, this notion that you can get more interest if you raise the price.
Bizarro world.

buying time said...

House2008 you should be impressed....70063373 dropped again to $459,000, that's now $148 a square foot!

I'm starting to wonder if there is something wrong with the place that we didn't notice. Cause I have gotten rather practiced at knowing which listings will sell and which ones won't. Or perhaps people have finally wised up, and are waiting for even better deals.

Cmyst said...

Found 3 more.
As many of you know, at this point all I really track is Streng or other affordable modern homes (which, other than Strengs, are kind of rare as they tend to be custom homes).
But occasionally, I also track all homes in my chosen zips that are under 300K. There used to be none, then there were a half-dozen. Now, there are 40. And here are some real bargains:
MLS 70062461 3412 Grant Park Dr. 95608 Listed on 7/10 at $390k, and is now listed for $299K.
MLS 70082488 6130 Orsi Circle, 95608 Listed 7/12 at 379K and is now listed for 299.9K

There are others in the under $300K group that are also very nice, in decent areas, many with upgrades. The two above just show GREAT price drops, which is very encouraging. Especially since my realization that with half the time to retirement, I can only afford half as much, and therefore 200K is closer to what I can afford than 300K is.