Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Weekly Screen Scrape - Trolling

Not much to report on the weekly screen scrape. Inventory appears to be holding, and a small increase in contract activity.

Hard to believe our townhouse in D.C. was sold one year ago this Friday. Speaking of which, I did the screen scrape a day early because I go in for LASIK tomorrow. Paying off our massive student loans and my LASIK surgery were the two earmarks for our house proceeds...the rest has gone to the down payment fund. So far we have been very good about keeping to that plan. I find it somewhat ironic that I will now be able to see clearly thanks to the housing bubble.

Almost forgot to mention, I'm a bit burnt out from work travel, so I trolled the MLS today. Neighborhoods I never would have looked in previously, because they were way out of our range, are now coming within reach. This is very encouraging.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your surgery! You'll be amazed that the trees have actual leaves when you open your eyes first thing in the morning and that the clock has actual numbers instead of a blur. : )


Gwynster said...

Good for you Ave! Best of luck today >; )

Giacomo said...

Yes, good luck with the Lasik! :D

BTW, Sac Bee sales for September are up (for my area, at least).

Gwynster said...

I was checking on something and noticed that when the banks takes back the house, it shows up as a sale on the SacBee DB site.

Those sales may not be as up as you think >; )

buying time said...

When I compared 6 months of DQ data on SacBee site for Folsom and EDH with the MLS, I found many instances where the same house was listed two times. The first listing would be in DQ only (the sale the the bank) the second time it was listed it would be in both MLS and DQ (the REO sale to a new homeowner).

Thanks for the well wishes everyone...the surgery went as well as can be expected.