Monday, November 26, 2007

Average Buyer's Holiday Wish List

Well since it's that time of the year...thought I would put in my request with Santa.

Keep in mind this is a wish list.....I will likely add to it from time to time since its good to have something like this on hand. As always, additional suggestions and thoughts are welcome.

Listed more or less in order of importance.....
  • 2000-2400 sq ft. and quality construction (min 3 beds and 2 baths, with an office or den)
  • Large lot (1/2 acre would be wonderful)
  • House set back on lot, and not too close to the neighbors (e.g. privacy) and not too close to a busy street
  • Established neighborhood with nice trees
  • 5 minute access to hwy 50 in Folsom, CP, or EDH (implies good schools, low crime, and no flooding)
  • No HOA or Mello-Roos fees
  • Single story
  • 3 car garage with a small workshop and side storage for a small boat
  • Hardwood or tile floors (not oak)
  • Relatively Flat lot
  • Quite street where kids can play with friendly neighbors, sidewalks
  • Lots of storage space
  • No oak cabinets, no tile counters or showers (I hate cleaning grout....but I don't "need" granite)
  • Close to park
  • Gas range and water heater, solar
  • Covered porches (front and back)
  • Front of house faces North or South so harsh summer sun doesn't overheat the backyard in summer, but allows some warmth in winter.
  • Fruit trees (including avocado) in the backyard
  • No dining room or separate living room unless they can be easily turned into a play area for the kids, otherwise they are wasted space.


srcerer said...

I like the list.
Just curious what the downside of oak is?

Buying Time said...

Personal preference, never liked oak. Probably cause it was in the tract house I grew up in. It's not a deal breaker thought.

I dislike tile more than I dislike oak. I never understood why basic tile counters and showers are considered an upgrade. They just seem like a lot of work to keep clean.

Of course this doesn't count for some of the custom tile you see in really high end homes. They can afford the maid to clean it so its a non-issue for them.

earl said...

I just want a set of teeth for xmas.Someone here in rio linda stole my set of false teeth, bastards.I am investing in travel trailers because everyone will need one here soon.all the snobs here in town are going to have to change thier spending habits. Will be a real bitch to go without starbucks or a coach bag.

Mike said...

If I had to put together a list, it would be nearly identical.

Unfortunately, I can't think of one place in Sacramento where all of your wish list would be met.

I went to visit a new home development over the holiday. They had few homes that were under contract/sold. I asked, so who's been buying? The sales rep stated mostly people from Bay Area.

Are Bay Area investors (idiots) still buying homes to Flip in Sac? That is so f***in unbelievable. There no end to this stupidity...

Buying Time said...

Earl...please try to be constructive and not trivialize my life choices. I don't mind you disagreeing with me....but play nice.

Most of us on this blog, myself included, are financially responsible and live well within our means. For example, I don't have a diamond on my engagement ring. There is no point in wasting 2 months salary on a big shiny piece of tightly compacted carbon. No big TVs, no fancy cars, no exotic vacations....just average folks looking for a place to call home.

Gwynster said...

My list would be:

* 1600 sqft 3 bedroom, 2 bath built from 1800 to 1945.
* 2 car garage
* 8000 sqft lot or larger.
* No mello roos, not HOA, no flood ins requirement.
* Must be located within biking distance to work.
* Must be affordable using the 29% DTI on a salary of 95K assuming zero down.

Everything is little stuff to me. I hate the contractor oak cabinets and have no problem with ripping them out along with the carpeting and crappy tile. I love what professional poured concrete work looks like and it's cat proof.

Instead of a huge down, I'd rather just put 20% down and spend the rest on solar and upper grading the insulation and windows to make the house as efficient as possible.

So santa, I'm crossing my fingers >; )

sacramentia said...


Lot on Willowdale Dr EDH 185k list,
* trees, walk to park, great schools, new york creek, mature trees, no hoa, no mello roos.
2000 ft @ 125/ft all-in if you manage it yourself = 250,000

Total = 435k.

No remodel, no repairs, exactly what you want. You could probably build for 115 if you are careful( simple roof lines, skip the granite ($3/ft), buy your tile wholesale, etc..

earl said...

Did you geniuses see the stock market tank today?Cocaine kudlow is touting stocks as they drop like a rock.Shit is about to hit the fan folks.Hope you have a few bucks stashed away and can live without starbucks for awhile.I am going out to get some new shit kickers at walmart this weekend.Have to load up on shotgun shells too.I hope none of you were stupid enough to line up for sales friday.My brother joe is a loser who showed up a best buy for a chinese dvd player.POS had so much lead in it glowed.God bless all you.

sacramentia said...

earl - oh my god! the world is going to end because the Dow lost 230 points. And $3 coffees are going to drive everyone from their homes. Don't be such a dumb-ass!

earl said...


Ok dude you know you stuff, your a genius.Go have a 3 dollar starbucks so you can feel like somebody, toolboy.

Buying Time said...

Sactia - There are a couple places that are getting close to our criteria. Last year at this time there were 0. Plan to write a separate post on why building our own place is not really a great option right now.

P.S. No name calling...even if they kinda deserve it. =)

Sippn said...

BT - his build numbers are bare bones, your labor. Don't forget fees!

What you want starts about $500K.

You'all wish for 3x income prices but you are looking in a move up area - where you're competing with buyers bringing equity along with their 3x payment capibility. With that equity, they get better interest rates also.

With Bay Area equity, add a few hundred $gs.

Same with Davis, G.


BTW, had fun looking at a $129K home, *BARF*, it was overpriced by $20-40K needed that much work. $200K mortgage!

sacramentia said...

sippn - those numbers are not bare bones. those include, fees, cost of money, everything except a general contractor. a lot of phone calls(many painful ones with sub-contractors), but you would never have to pick up a hammer. That is what I mean by all-in.

norcaljeff said...

Not sure about the boat comment. My neighbor poured cement in his front yard to park his 50 foot RV. Now he poured more on the side and parked it there. Unreal. People need to move to the country if they act like that. Maybe Earl is my neighbor? Lol j/k BTW, starbucks charges me $4 for that some coffee lol.