Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Weekly Screen Scrape - Beneath the Surface

Thought I would give a bit more details on the weekly screen scrape. While the totals I report on (for sale, pending and price per square foot) have not changed much recently, they mask the fact that there is actually quite a bit of activity under the surface.

For example this week, the total listings (107 total, 24 of which are under contract, 3 with a release clause) only dropped by one. 4 homes expired or were removed, and 6 closed escrow. 9 new listings showed up (2 of which were relists), and 6 new contracts were entered. All this activity only amounted to a net loss of one listing (total contract numbers stayed the same).

So its not like the market has completely collapsed.....there is quite a bit going on. Granted, this week saw a bit more activity than usual, but from what I have seen the last week of each month tends to see an uptick in activity, especially escrow closings.

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