Monday, May 26, 2008

Bummed Out

This Memorial Weekend we had the opportunity to drive down Southern California's PCH (Pacific Coast Highway for those from out of state). Mr. BT made a joke about how you never see any of the big breasted, bikini clad, girls in roller blades that are always on the T.V. shows. Looking at all the middle aged beachcombers and high end stores, I then retorted that they have all moved to the valley since they can no longer afford to live around here.

Sad to say, but I do think there is a grain of truth to this. Not sure its possible to lead the beach bum surf lifestyle that California was famous for. Perhaps I am just being a bit nostalgic, having grown up on the Central Coast near some sleepy beach towns. The value of the Real Estate has now made it almost impossible to preserve any of their laid back charm.


sacramentia said...

did you make it to huntington, newport or pacific beach?

Buying Time said...

We drove the glorious stretch from LGB airport (near Seal Beach), down to Laguna Beach. So we passed several communities on the way. It wasn't near as crowded as I thought it would be. Perhaps everyone is staying close to home and going to the swimming pool instead.

Between the weather and the beaches in SoCal....I can see why California these parts will always be more expensive.

Sippn said...

That's my kind of laid back "charm"!

Spent a lot of summer vacations visiting g-parents in Laguna.

Last Feb school vacation, took my clan to Pacific Beach (SD) for a cheap 5 day stay. 62 degrees IS warm enough for teenagers to learn to surf.

bob said...

Probably what's happened is that all those young beach bums simply grew up, passed Not In My Back Yard ( NIMBY) laws so that nobody else could afford to move in, and wallah- a one way valve where nobody under 45 can afford to live there anymore. Hence the reason why most 'desireable' parts of CA are filled mostly with old farts.

They'll die off eventually, after which we can dump all those laws and get back to growing communities in a reasonable manner.

Deflationary Jane said...

Those are my old stumping grounds. During my teenage years, Mom sold the Villa Park house and bought an c1910 4/1 house in the downtown area of HB. I spent many summer days riding my cruiser from HB pier down to NB and the wedge.

I dread going back to OC now. I hate what has happened to it. Back then, a single mom could buy a place and fix it up. Now she is surrounded by $1m 1100 sqft remodels.

sacramentia said...

We came from Southern California and had a house in escrow in downtown HB before moving to EDH. Lots of positives about both places and at the last minute we headed north. I think this is a better environment for the kids but I'll never know for sure. The biggest thing I miss is the positive attitudes - everyone we met at first in sac was so negative that I started calling it sacramentia.

alba said...

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Buying Time said...

Sactia -

Too funny....I have always had trouble with your name....cause "tia" in Spanish means Aunt. So I initially though of you as Auntie Sacramento...but then come to find out you are a guy.