Thursday, May 1, 2008

Silent Night

One of the best things about hot Sacrmento summers, is the cool night air (and the delta breeze). To conserve energy, we open all our windows and turn on the ceiling fan to circulate the night air into the house. As an added bonus, from our bedroom we are lulled to sleep by the songs of the crickets and frogs. Our current situation is ideal, since there is almost no road noise, and the bedrooms are on a second story and ours faces a vacant field.

Looking for a home in winter and early spring, we had completely forgotten about this highly desirable trait (luckily I was reminded by one of my favorite EDH renters who hates road noise).

Unfortunately, both of the homes I currently lust after are not likely to come with such tranquility. I tend to be a location person (caring more about the location than the actual house). Which means we often end up not too far from busy streets. However this situation, has made me reconsider our single story preference.

Avoiding busy street locations is a big consideration since we have young kids, but even cul-du-sac homes around here often back to main roadways, so the noise is still present. For some reason, when we make trade offs, noise is always the one that loses....I just hope we don't regret that decision down the road =)


Paul said...

We live about 1,000' from US50. During the winter, we really don't even hear it and it is very convenient for travel. But when it comes time to open our second floor bedroom windows in the summer, it is a real adjustment to get used to the noise. Renting here is fine, but when we buy, it will be a quieter location, location, location!

Husmanen said...

Noise is a deal killer for us.

Each time we find a potential home we drive by at nearly all hours of the day and night. On a few occasions we have tried to convince ourselves that the noise wasn't really that bad, but thankfully our memories of our beautiful apartment in the city where we couldn't sit on the balcony because of noise, come rushing back.

Also, our current rental has terrible noise from East Bidwell and a nearby shoping center, funny not even that close. We use this noise level as a gauge - just not acceptable when we buy.

Noise is also up there with high voltage power lines. Just not going to do it.

PeonInChief said...

It depends where you are in relation to the noise. I get a lot more noise from the street in front of our house than from I-5 two blocks away. At night the freeway noise is muted, so it doesn't bother me that much. Go to the neighborhood at night, stand outside and listen. That way, you'll know how bad the noise will be.