Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Did you ever have that feeling?

I have toured houses that were for sale, and my skin crawled because they were so dirty. I have toured houses where I knew a death had occurred, with no particular reaction other than sadness over the loss of life. When I have listened to others tell me about their "dark feelings" in a particular house, I have tended to be cynical and mostly polite, thinking of a house as a commodity and shelter, free from the evil forces that Hollywood movies conjure. This all changed when I walked into an otherwise unremarkable home on Sunday afternoon. I do not believe I have ever in my life felt such a dark and deathly force overcome me. I don't know anything about that home's history, but I was shocked at both the existence of the feeling and the overwhelming magnitude of the feeling. I immediately grabbed Mrs. Paul and almost ran from the house, not explaining the "why" to her until we were safely in the car.

Maybe I've turned into a "kook" after all?


Buying Time said...

Paul -

Good to hear I am not the only "kook" in town....I have gotten that feeling just from driving by a home!


HOUSE2008 said...

I entered the house I felt my skin crawl. Alarm bells were gently tingling. I looked at my wife. It was the smell. I couldn't pin point it until I saw the crack pipes & needeles. It wasn't till later what I was feeling in that house was a sense of hopelessness. Dark. Other than that I immediately handed out a good dose of hand sanitizer to everyone. Absolutely icky. Reminded me of going to a bar that was smoke filled & stale. Remember that? Yuk

PeonInChief said...

Some houses are just sad. A death in a house would be sad, but in a different way if, for instance, it was an elderly person who had a good life and was surrounded by family and friends. There are probably a lot of sad houses now--houses suffering from the collapse of the dreams of those who lived there.

And I think I must be some kind of nut...