Monday, August 18, 2008

Update: Driving Home the Debt

A couple months ago I did a post on the WSJ's monthly "hottest models." As some may recall, I was flabbergasted by the price tag on these cars that were so popular.

In another sign of the times, the July 2008 list is a very different list. This time, only three cars had price tags over 30K, as opposed to the vast majority in Feb/Mar. The average price tag for all the models listed has fallen around 28% compared to the earlier time frame!

Not surprisingly, the Toyota Prius tops the list (it was also the only car under 30K on the list in March).


Jacob said...

Well sure, the price of something is important when you actually have to pay for it...

Buying Time said...

LOL true!

Mike said...

Was browsing the car ads in the bee. Saw a brand new extended cab Ford F-150 pickup truck for under $11,000 !!!

Really good time to be a truck or big SUV buyer. Since I am contrarian by nature (e.g. being housing bear when everyone had housing fever, hating big SUVs when they were all the rage) I am now getting urge to buy a big SUV or Pickup.

It could make sense if you could buy the truck/SUV cheap enough the cost saving would easily cover any additional gas you would use.

Probably could not get myself to do it though, just could not get myself to be so wasteful even if it made economic sense.

sacramentia said...

Mike, I agree. It makes no economic sense to buy a Prius. Unless you drive an insane amount of miles, a used SUV is the cheapest transportation option.