Friday, August 15, 2008

Street spam

Is your neighborhood inundated with illegal advertising signs on every corner? The question I have is, who's job is it to remove them? We know the criminals (if you put up an illegal sign, presumably you are a criminal) aren't going to remove the signs.

Although the signs are illegal, Cameron Park Community Services District tells me 'there is nothing we can do about them.' (Of course, IMO, not true, but that is a blog for a different day.)

In addition to being an eyesore, the signs eventually become more litter in our fields and gutters as they are blown down by the wind and weather, most of which appear to have a biodegradable 1/2 life of about 500,000 years, due to the fact they are frequently made of plasticized something-or-other.

I'm not talk about election signs (which are also an eyesore, but protected under the Constitution), or bonafide local real estate signs, or even neighborhood garage sale/lost cat/found dog signs. I'm talking about "Earn millions working from home," "Bankrupty Lawyer" (one of my personal favorites), "We Buy Houses!," "Avoid Foreclosures," Whole House Fans," Humane Rattlesnake Removal," "XYZ Gym and Fitness in Folsom," and so many more.

The Cameron Park area that I drive in is virtually free of the signs. (Wish I could say the same for the portions of EDH and Folsom that I see.) Of course, the criminals still put up the signs, but with apparently less enthiusiasm than time past. I've heard, but have no way of verifying if true, of course, that someone in CP stops his/her car when they see and illegal sign, and picks the sign up for later recycling.

Perhaps if their signs disappear from the horizon as fast as the criminals put them up, word will get out and the criminals will move on, thus making our neighborhoods look more like neighborhoods than litter-bound eyesores.

Just my opinion.


P.S. Did you know there are actually blogs devoted to street spam, tools for removing street spam, legal issues, etc? Heck, a short while ago, I didn't even know what "street spam" was!


sacramentia said...

Move to Serrano and pay your community patrol to drive around and pick up the spam if you are that bothered by things like this.

Jacob said...

I love those "we buy houses" signs. I always wonder, why are you advertizing, there are plenty of homes, go buy as many as you want, lol.

Paul said...

Serrano would be a good solution if I never left the house. On EDH Blvd. between Serrano Parkway and DST Systems, there are probably a dozen signs on any given day, unless someone has recently cleaned them up.

Cmyst said...

We're gonna be putting up a few more tomorrow, to direct people that are unfamiliar with our place to a craft day we're having.
But ours are more "permanent" and we'll take them down if there's light to do it on Saturday, or Sunday morning.
If you see a shield-shaped sign, Paul, please don't take it down, lol!