Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Historical Housing Data for Folsom & El Dorado Hills

For some reason the Sac Bee didn't post their Data Quick data by zip code, so all I have this month is Melissa Data. While Melissa Data is certainly better than nothing, it does tend to be erratic, as I believe it also captures new home sales.

I have heard those in the real estate profession claim that sale are up (implying that the market is on its way back), but as you can see from the charts below, they are nowhere near historical levels. Last year was a terrible year, so the fact that sales may be higher than last year is setting a really low bar. This is precisely why I like to get a broader historical perspective on the data.

Housing Tracker is showing a lot of stickiness at the 75% asking price range for the Sac Metro Area.


sacramentia said...

The Folsom Jun08 looks almost identical to Folsom Jun03.

anon1137 said...

BT, I couldn't find the DQ data by zip on Sacbee's web site either, but DQ posted it last week: