Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hitting our Home Away From Home

Our household received some very shocking news this morning. Our daycare was closing two of its classrooms, including the one our son is in. Apparently, California's tough economic times have now trickled down to the service sector. The daycare/preschool has seen their enrollment drop substantially with parents getting laid off, or looking for less expensive care etc.

We just found out today and have to find care by next week. I'm in serious shock.

One of biggest factors influencing our home search in foothill communities along the 50 corridor, is the fact that we really like our daycare/preschool situation.


sacramentia said...

How many kids are left w/o daycare from the classroom closings?

Buying Time said...

I haven't quite gotten a handle on the situation, beyond the note we received this morning, but I believe what they are trying to do, is consoldiate two sister schools into one. Our school closes two classrooms, with the hope that the sister school then has enough kids to stay open.

I have a tour of the sister school scheduled for this afternoon. A mom I know through my mom's group, has her kids there, and speaks highly of it.