Sunday, January 11, 2009

Give or Take a Peak

Thought I would do an updated peak check for the whole Sacramento market, as I have heard rumors that bottom is forming in some areas, but nowhere in sight for others.

I did a comparison by price per square foot (first two columns), as well as median price (last two columns), using the historical DataQuick SFH resale data from the Sacramento Bee. This is very similar to the data I posted last May.

  • The point of reference is the November 2008 data.
  • The DQ data only goes back to August 2002, so that is my earliest comparison date. While some argue that 2000 or 1997 is a better point of reference, this data hasn't been inflation adjusted, so Aug 2002 seems somewhat reasonable.
  • Peak was defined as the max value for a zip code between Aug 2002 and November 2008.
  • The data is sorted by the % change in median price from 2002.
  • Values in green are positive (not so many of those left anymore).
  • The yellow values are -25% to -50%.
  • The red values are less than -50%.


RV6Flyer said...

Amazing...95818 and 95817 are neighbors, yet so different. 818 on the top of the list and 817 at the very bottom.

Husmanen said...

Looks like EDH and Folsom still have a way to go.