Monday, March 30, 2009

Tempt the Fate of Average Buyer

With Average Buyer's two year anniversary quickly approaching, I wanted to get an idea what type of content you would like to see going forward.

I have posted a poll on the right-hand sidebar to gauge interest levels. If the majority are only interested in Sac Metro RE topics, the posts will not be as frequent, as I am no longer actively looking to purchase a home (and data sources are drying up).

Now that our search is over, I am having difficulties staying on topic. Hence I am trying to figure out if these posts are agreeable or annoying.

Blogs that stay on topic and provide relevant content tend to develop the best community of readers (joined by a common interest). The community that developed around this blog has been a great comfort to me (other frustrated potential buyers and onlookers). Outside this narrow niche, we seem to have very different views, so I hesitate to subject you all to my inner monologue on other topics.

All this to say, I would really appreciate it if you would take a moment to answer the poll. Or leave comments on topics you would like to discuss.


alba said...

Different views is good. I've been distracted from blogs for a while, but I always seem to take a peek back here. Keep it about your experiences and interests. Thanks!

Bryan said...

I read it all, but I admit, the Folsom/EDH data has been the strongest draw for me. It was nice to find a spot that focused on that specific region (which seems strangely resistant--at least so far--to some of the trends affecting neighboring areas).

sacramentia said...

I like all the posts about the real estate and the data in El Dorado Hills.

I also like your posts about the community and fun things to do. You did a post on when Yosemite was opening campgrounds a while ago that was neat because I didn't realize you had to book so far ahead. Another topic that would be really interesting to me is affordable social events for people on an average entertainment budget.

I think you've got a good community going here so I'd hate to see it dissolve.