Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Diminishing Data

So I was just lamenting the fact that DQ data by zip code is no longer publicly available via the SacBee. It then occurred to me that I hadn't seen a story on another one of my favorite data sets, the Global Insight/National City housing valuation study. I checked some of the old links to their studies, and it seems National City merged, and the links and studies are no longer available.

While I didn't really agree with some of their recent model results (showing Sac as fairly valued back in Q1 of 2007), I really liked their more comprehensive methodology. Their methodology, while perhaps not tuned properly, took into consideration multiple variables. From what I remember inputs included: income, population density, and interest rates.

Of course I am partial to this type of modeling based valuation methodology as I do this kinda stuff for a living (just related to air transportation). Too bad I can't make a living playing with RE data =(

In any case, this is a very disturbing trend.

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