Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Average Buyer Good Buys

Inspired by recent comments, I created a forum for vetting properties we are interested in, and/or sharing information on houses that are "good buys". All properties should be located in family-friendly areas in and around Sacramento.

For now, I will create a section and we can post the listings in the comments on a monthly basis (similar to Sacramento Landing's water cooler). If there is enough interest, I will look into a more interactive format (to allow for updates like sold price).

Here are the ground rules:
1) These should be houses you would consider purchasing yourself (assuming you had the $$)
2) No marketing for friends or relatives...this is not CraigsList.
3) No trolling for houses others have set their hearts on. Conversely, if you are vetting a potential house, please be aware that this is a public forum, so don't share too many details if this is your dream home.
4) No houses over $850K. They are not houses for average buyers (I would have said 500K but I know quite a few folks on the blogs have much higher price ranges than we do).
5) Be respectful of others choices. If you don't like a neighborhood or subdivision, offer viable alternatives and information, not criticism.
6) Try to give enough information that folks have a general idea. Location, price, as well as categories, like tract home, custom home, Streng, large lot, river access etc. would be helpful.
7) No links to specific MLS houses...their terms of use do not allow them and they will be deleted.

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