Monday, August 6, 2007

July Melissa Data for Folsom and El Dorado Hills

Looks like El Dorado Hills had a big boost in sales this month. Perhaps due to the opening of Centex and Lennar offices at the new Blackstone Development?

I try not to read into the average price data too much since both these zips can have some really high end sales that skews the averages. However the slow down is sales is hard to miss, but it doesn't really seem to be affecting the prices that dramatically (this is confirmed by my weekly screen scrape).


Sippn said...

Yea, thats a surprising bit of sales bounce for EDH. Mellisa data is "closings". Has Blackstone had move ins?

buying time said...

I think Centex is on track to finish the first couple homes in September or so. They had a bit of pent up demand....about 5 or so sales off the bat...but nothing since then when I checked their plot map 2 weekends ago. Certainly not enough to account for the full bump. Not sure what Lennar's sales are looking like.

Sippn said...

You know that "bounce" may have just been delayed June closings as your smoothed averages are pretty stable. There's the argument for looking at moving averages.