Friday, August 24, 2007

Nice to know...

Its nice to know I'm not going crazy. Agent Bubble confirmed the inventory increase I reported on Wednesday's post. Thanks AB! For details see his message is below:

Just ran an early analysis of my monthly "Distressed Property" data...Keep in mind, it has only been 16 days since the last analysis....Check these facts out:

1) From 7/7/07 to 8/7/07 we increased by 544 distressed properties
2) From 8/8/07 to today we have already increased by 515 properties

We still have almost two weeks to go, yet we've almost matched the previous months's data.

Also worth noting:

1) From 7/7/07 to 8/7/07 total inventory increased from 17,659 to 18,182 (523 new listings)
2) From 8/8/07 to today inventory has already increased by 308 listings (we're now at 18,490).

Looks like inventory is still increasing and at a quicker rate than last month!

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