Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Month's Inventory by Zip for July/Aug

This time the zips are ordered descending by month's inventory. The dark line denotes the 6 month mark (buyer and seller equal footing). Quite of few of the nicer neighborhoods are staying stubbornly below that line.

In general, I was a bit surprised at this month's inventory numbers. There seemed to be a larger increase than I had expected based on the other local blogs. Partially to blame is my busy travel schedule. A bit more than a month has passed since my last inventory of inventory.
Again the for sale stats are from ZipReatly SFHs. The sales come from DataQuick supplied by the SacBee. As might be implied from the shadow analysis the month's inventory could actually be much higher.


buying time said...

opps just noticed the line was in the wrong place (was supposed to be at 6.0 not 7.0). I guess this is what happens when you try and write blog entries on very little sleep (got stranded in PHX last night).

Sippn said...

On your way home from Las Vegas?

Hey Norcal Jeff - my properties are "below the line" but you should know that!

BT - the higher on this chart, the more likely you'll get to your pricing goal, but at what other concessions?

Gwynster said...

Hmmm Davis 95616 is way at the bottom but if you check DQ, the YoY price change is 17.37%

Ok Sippin, give that a spin >; )

Gwynster said...

opps that was supposed to be
7-06 median 570k
7-07 median 471k

Sippn said...

G- with the Davis zip code modification, the med price data is not comparable.

Cmyst said...

Fair Oaks is above the line, and with 6 months instead of 7, so is Citrus Heights.
Granite Bay and Carmichael are coming very close. EDH is above the line.

I think BT has a lot of options.

Gwynster said...

Old 95616 CA, Davis Yolo Main Office Post Office
New 95618 CA, Davis Yolo Main Office Post Office
07/01/2006 Realign ZIP Code boundaries. Use Davis CA 95618 as last line of address for the deliveries previously in ZIP Code 95616.

Old 95618 CA, Davis Yolo Main Office Post Office
New 95618 CA, Davis Yolo Main Office Post Office
04/08/2006 This announcement changes the Preferred Last Line of this ZIP Code from El Macero CA to Davis CA. Use Davis CA 95618 as last line of address.

next? >; )

Sippn said...

G - yea, El MAcero used to have its own zip, now 1/2 of west Davis is included, so the volume and med prices should be down YOY in the 95616 zip just becasue they put some of the pricer stuff in the new zip.

BT, cmyst - if and when this lending crisis gets resolved (next 90 days) I would predict # months inventory will drop a little, especially on the expensive stuff.

Just my opinion.