Thursday, December 6, 2007

Average Buyer is Moving!!!!

A new overpriced home you ask? A new rental perhaps? A new city/state where the cost of living is cheaper?

No…..A much worse fate in fact. I am making the much dreaded move into an older demographic group.

This week I transition from the young hip coveted 25-34 year old demographic, into the scorned and stodgy 35-55 group. According to our youth obsessed culture, this is a sad time for me. At least I will get a nice sushi dinner out of it.

However Big n Rich just reminded me of the upside of this move, I qualify to run for president now!

In case I am being too coy, this isn’t meant to offend anyone….its meant to be a social commentary on how marketing executives covet the younger demographic when it’s the 35-55 year olds (and up) with the disposable income.

For example, I went to Sunrise Mall, and couldn’t find a place to buy clothes. The only two choices seem to be teeny bopper shops and matronly department stores. I desperately wanted to get some new clothes, but couldn't find any place to shop. I left without purchasing a thing.


Gwynster said...

Surise isn't the best for what you want. Drop me a note at work and I'll tell you where to go **winks**

Just got back from Arden myself. Maybe it was the rain but it wasn't packed at all. I had sales people all over anywhere I went.

Gwynster said...

Doh! and happy birthday as one old timer to another >; )

big n rich said...

Sunrise mall is outdated and full of tweakers from citrus heights.I have not stepped foot in that place for 10 years.When I was in high school it was a cool place but not anymore.People seem to go to arden or roseville.Since I am not a fashion dude I will not tell you where to go.I find it hard to find nice clothes.Anyone watch good day and see that clown marc s allen.The dude looks like chick.I guess he is one of the metrosexuals floating around.Did they play with girls too much as kids?

sacramentia said...

Happy Birthday!

Cmyst said...

Happy birthday and welcome to the truly hip demo!
One of the reasons I don't shop for clothes more often than once or twice a year is that nothing seems "right".
I gave up a few years back during the Underwear Wars, when all you could find were thongs or grannies.

big n rich said...

Did you guys see the new hope line.Due to high volume another line has been set up.

Have your friends contact a counselor at
1800IAMLOSER. Of courses the call is free.Tell all the people at the office about it that you know are upsidedown.

Buying Time said...

I get to go clothes shopping sans rugrats, maybe three times a year. (Clothes shopping with young kids is totally impossible.) So hubby and I went to the nearest mall on "date night" and were planning to do some serious damage.

The whole episode really made me miss D.C. which had many nice middle class malls.

Gwynster said...

For me, it's BBN (Barney's, bloomies, and Nordies). If they don't have what I want, I make it.

Next time you can get away from the darlings, we'll go shopping for clothes instead of houses >; )

Sippn said...

Figures that this topic would be the busy one.

35 year olds still turn my head. :)

When I turned 42 and nice people would say "you still look good" I made up a little rhyme. . . I'm 42 f___ you.

Don't be offended yet, by the time you're 45, AARP will have lowered their membership age levels from 50 to 45! That's really p*ssing me off!

Gwyn - show her the Mary Janes!

semloh said...

happy birthday !!!

Gwynster said...

LOL Sippin,

We're already making a shopping date. She has taste, just got stuck at a crappy mall. BTW 35 was a good year. I'd love to be 35 again.

Buying Time said...

Thanks for the B-day wishes and shopping advise everyone!

Mr. BT let me sleep in today....after all its one of the most precious commodities in my life right now.