Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Weekly Screen Scrape - Home for the Holidays

Some interesting items of note in the weekly screen scrape. First and most important to me....inventory is still at record highs, as prices get lowered to combat the winter doldrums it keeps my price range filled with lots of choices!

Second, contract activity is up significantly, perhaps in response the some of the huge price cuts I saw last week.

Hoping SacBee will post their Dataquick stats tomorrow, as I head out to D.C. next week and won't have much time for my RE obsession.


big n rich said...

Well another great week gone by.I'm still on the sidelines laughing at all the morons who bought high and have to sell low.The govt is trying to act like they care but their rich buddies are paying them under the table so they really don't.The smart money always seems to find a sucker out there.Anyone want to by some cdo's for 10 cents on the dollar, please call citi at 1800weF@ckedup.I bet that prince over in saudi is seeing his fortune go down the tubes.Oh. maybe he will have to sell the new boeing dreamliner he just bought, any takers?

sacramentia said...

mr bignrich -

Don't you think the citi move was the right one? It's all bad news of course but lending to citi rather than a Siv holding all the crap seems like lower risk to me.

Did you see the article in the bee this morning - some banks are renting back to the people that can't make payments. What a deal. At 60k per house to foreclose it is probably the only way they can stay afloat.