Thursday, December 13, 2007

A little schadenfreude

Some of you may remember my excitment when a home came on the market with the following description: "bring all offers." My agent called on the home, apparently it should have read "bring all offers above $400,000."

They are now listed at $399,000 (down from $439,000)! And in my opinion, still have a long way to go.

Mr. BT might get annoyed with me....but I will post details on this one. Its not a secret, that we have been looking at homes that back to the American River, south of 50 (I rented a room on Twin Falls out of college, and loved it). This home is one of the few 4 bedroom 2000 sqft+ homes in the area. From the drive by, it looked well maintained. But now we know why they don't have more pictures......really bad add on and poorly done DIY upgrades.

MLS 70108202


Gwynster said...

I ran into a few of those this summer. You just know they are sitting there, steamed that no one will give them a "real offer". That's when you get your friends to lowball them too.

yes, I am heartless >; )

big n rich said...

Lowball the old geezard.Don't let this moron treat you like a spank tech.If you have to grab him by the balls and let him know who's in charge do so.Tell him you want sellers disclosure statement with all past repairs on the house.Get a home and pest inspection so your little hinny is covered by fraud by these shiesters.

mr big said...

Qoute form the honorable buying time in previous thread:
"We got out of our PMI by paying for an appraisal a year later. Another indicator that the whole appraisal thing was corrupt (appraisals are much more conservative when lender financing is not on the line)".

That is so true.These appraisors are a total joke.They are as crooked as my family jewel.Why doesn't anyone regulate this industry? The politicains don't give a shit.As long as the money is rolling in from taxes they look the other way at all the fraud.

HappyinSF said...

Are Big n Rich and Mr. Big the same person?

Cmyst said...

I know that property has river access, which is truly a mixed blessing IMHO, but they've got to be crazy on that price.

Here's my entry: this place was on MLS a few months ago. A house on the same street, about 3 doors down, and in much better shape was on MLS for months at 350K, went off, came back on for 325K, went off, and came back on for 315K and has now gone off again.
And this bozo, who proclaims that he is a licensed agent, puts his on at 415k and then raises the price to 419k! Plus, no pictures, which as BT pointed out long ago is a real problem.