Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Help for the Holidays

I am in D.C. this week, and will be busy helping Santa next if anyone has material or ideas for posts please let me know.

I am without my WSJ this week, and don't have any spare time to formulate new ideas (well except for when sitting in the ridiculous traffic here!).

Please e-mail to


mr big said...

Merry xmas !!!! Thanks for all your hard work.This is getting more interesting as time goes on.

Sippn said...

I have found that there are a couple of blogs that give me 95% of the news in WSJ a day ahead of time.

(listen to the utube from Paul Krugman)

OC register - Lasner and the mortgage guy

These are legitimate news blogs on the cutting edge.

Merry xmas, also!

Gwynster said...


Look up rustoleum magnetic paint. I'm about to turn an entire wall in my halway into a memo board and I thought you.

I hope you're are keeping warm out east >; )

smf said...

Interesting question:

Typically, when us mortals invest in something we actually use money that we have. Right?