Friday, September 5, 2008

Cha Ching!

Wholesale conforming interest rates just dipped below 6%!

I use the Mtg. Professor for the daily rate as well as some good info and advise.


Jacob said...

So what is happening faster, rate increases or price declines?

Seems like price declines to me, plus interest rate increases will lower the demand for housing further as fewer people can buy.

But it sounds like you are getting closer to pulling the trigger, maybe this is the final incentive you needed on that perfect house you wanted.

Husmanen said...

Great site, financing is the weakest part of my analysis. Thanks for the link.

Buying Time said...

It the best of both worlds right now, dropping rates and dropping prices!

Jacob - You obviously have my number cause I was just on the phone with Mr. BT about that new home we saw last weekend!

sacramentia said...
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