Monday, September 29, 2008

Local Services - Recommendations

Off Topic Post -

Consider today's post an open thread for local services (doesn't have to be RE related) ......feel free to solicit or recommend, and try to be particular about the area you are looking in.

Background - I have put off a ton of errands lately, as our fiscal year close has been busier than usual, as well as my travel schedule. There are a couple things I desperately need to do, like go to the dentist and get my hair cut. Up till now, I have tried a several places, but haven't been crazy about any of them. So far folks I have asked, have been rather luke warm in their recommendations which is why I figured I would tap into my HBB community.


Buying Time said...

I am looking for:

Hairdresser - under $50 for a cut, and in the CP, EDH or Folsom area.

Dentist (with a good hygienest) in the CP, EDH or Folsom area as well.

Home Inspector (preferably with a construction background)

biosurfer1 said...

I'm looking for a good dentist in the Roseville area, preferably accepts Blue Shield.

I also need a good body shop, familiar with classic car rust restoration...willing to drive for the right shop/price.

sacramentia said...

I'd do a walk in at Hoshall's on folsom blvd. I think that'll keep it under 50 and they do a good job. Appointments are more.

I know a home inspector that I wouldn't recommend, but I'm not going to post the name here.

Deflationary Jane said...

I had a great dentist in downtown Sac.

Buying Time said...

Biosurfer1 - I tried to get the name of the guy my uncle uses (as we will need one as well for our '67 dodge charger), but he has been really hard to reach lately.

Let me know if you find a good one.