Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hank Paulson needs a mistress

Don't get me wrong, I'm not normally an advocate of extra-marital affairs for anyone, but I've learned that when Hank Paulson works on the weekend, my share of the national debt goes up on a grand scale. Last weekend, he worked all weekend and the taxpayers (meaning you and me) promised to ante up $200 billion in fresh new capital for Fannie and Freddie. Now, Paulson's working this weekend on Lehman Brothers and that can only mean one thing for the taxpayer and its not good. So I'm thinking, maybe if Paulson had a mistress, he wouldn't have so much time on his hands to spend our money?



sacramentia said...

I bet this bailout has no government intervention at all. The US taxpayers are getting too vocal about it.

I think the next big bill for taxpayers will be the FDIC.

And I'd bet a rich guy like Mr. Paulson already has a mistress or two, but he probably loves money and power too much for it to be distraction.

Anonymous said...

I doesnt look good for Lehman when the government already has billions tied up in other bailouts and Greenspan is on TV saying "some failures are actually good for the economy"