Friday, July 27, 2007

The Weekly Screen Scrape - Expirations

The overall stats for my weekly screen scrape didn't change much. However the total mask a lot of activity.

There were 7 listings that went off the market. One I know for sure was a short sale, so that is probably being transferred to the bank. Another was owned by a Realtor (we had seen it when we were still planning to buy immediately), it was by far the most expensive listing at $266 a square foot, and she never dropped her price. Only thing mildly special was the corner lot it sat on. She must have though her outstanding marketing and staging abilities would make her house stand out. Ironically a house across the street, not on a corner lot, was listed for 15k less than hers, and it sold within a month (not sure what they got for it...both houses are on Boxcar in Folsom).

For a while there were several house we had our eye on, but over the last couple weeks the number of vaguely interesting houses has dropped to zero! I think that has been part of my discouragement.

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