Monday, January 21, 2008

December/January Month's Inventory

Below is month's inventory for the Sacramento area. As most know, this time of year tends to be the slowest when it comes to real estate, so its no surprise that inventory and sales have declined. Sales come from the SacBee via DataQuick (SFH resales), and inventory is gathered from ZipRealty for resale SFHs.

In Folsom month's inventory took a big jump up, but in EDH it dropped.
Some have postulated that once credit started to thaw that home sales would gain momentum, but I think the momentum is from distressed inventory and not buyers with new credit. I did some checking into this, because EDH sales were actually higher in December compared to November, but distressed sales doubled (short or REO) in El Dorado County in that time (from 20% to 40%). Currently distressed sales now make up 23% of all listings in El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, and Folsom.

From here on out, I think sales stats are going to be up and down, since last year was so bad.
This month communities are ranked by total sales (from high to low).


sacramentia said...

Agree that 2008 is going to be a volatile year which means there will be good deals to be had.

The data is looking good for Edh lately. Of course it could change, but the inventory is going down, the rates are falling, and it is becoming a more desirable place to live as the town builds out. These are all reasons to argue for relative strength compared to the rest of the area.

I can't wait for the March numbers...

Anonymous said...

Oh. Please. Rates are falling because it's a craptastic time to buy,nobody's buying in EDH unless they feel a huge need to be a homeowner and discards all the reasons NOT to buy up the hill.

But it's a great time to buy, right?


Buying Time said...

Tia.....its January, of course inventory is going down.

In some areas I have been looking at, I have seen more withdrawls than sales. Looking at those numbers, I believe there is a lot of pent up demand to sell.

sacramentia said...

I don't think the craptasticness of the market in Sacramento determines the interest rates.

Anonymous said...


Sippn said...

Gawd - you're all correct.

Inventory is down historically due to typical seasonal withdrawals. Inventory usu picks up starting 1/1 and sales later in the month (measured as "spring closings").

Pent up demand to sell AND to buy.

folsom hater said...

Can anyone direct me to a good, honest realtor if there are any left not roaming the streets and flipping burgers?

sacramentia said...

folsom hater - You answered your own question. The ones left are the good ones.