Friday, January 25, 2008

The Waterfalls of El Dorado Hills

Completely off topic for all you real estate hounds.

My daughter who will be four in March is absolutely taken with all the "waterfalls" around here. She has assigned many of them to our immediate family. For instance, my waterfall is the one at the corner of Silva Vally and Serrano Parkways (the one near the Library). Dad's waterfall, is actually the fountain at the Raley's shopping center. And her little brother's waterfall is the one in front of the Safeway Center off Green Valley.

My daughter gave her waterfall to me after the one at the corner of Latrobe and White Rock was built. But once they built it they rarely turned it on, as they are still completing the buildings. Every day on the way home from daycare she notes whether it is on or not. And I attempt to explain. In the mean time, when hers is off, I am asked to share my waterfall.

The really funny part came when we went to Yosemite this summer. The waterfall you can see from the valley floor wasn't flowing because there was so little water last of course my daughter concluded that the waterfall was turned off. Try explaining that one to a 3.5 year old!


tree hugger said...

Why do they waste water on this garbage when we have rivers stressed to the max?

Patient Renter said...

The waterfall in front of what is now the safeway shopping center was originally an attraction piece for the local real estate office that used to be there (RE/Max I believe it was). I think that was the only thing there.

I'm glad they left the waterfall when the tore everything down to build the safeway stuff.