Thursday, January 24, 2008

Invitation to a Preemptive Anniversary Smashing

As some may recall....back in July I put out an early invitation to a housewarming in 2008. So far things aren't looking real I thought we could have a preemptive smashing instead (as per semloh's suggestion =)

Wanted to put this on your calendar's early, cause if your life is like mine, weekends fill up fast. I tried to find a place that is on the western edge of Folsom so it wouldn't be to far for those in other parts of Sac (but close enough so that Mr. BT can retrieve me if I get a little loopy).


Where: Dos Coyotes (a Sacramento institution that I dearly missed while living back East) in Folsom right off Folsom Blvd. They serve wine, beer and margaritas and have a great patio.
When: April 13th (the anniversary of Average Buyer blog, 2 days till tax deadlines, and well into the spring "selling season").
What time: 2:30pm till ?

I will try and get a head count later (I think blogger has a polling feature somewhere).


AgentBubble said...

I love Dos! Count me in!

little john said...

R u buying? I'm flat broke right now.I just pawned my lawnmower today for a 20 spot.Things are really bad right now.I am two weeks from pimping myself out in downtown.

Gwynster said...

Same! I'm a sucker for their southwestern ceasar >; )

Heck yes, I'll be there. Bringing the kids too I hope?

Cmyst said...

I would love to. :)

Anonymous said...

I think I could come if you accept newbs and aqentbubble might give me his business card.

I :heart: agentbubble in a RE kind of way.

And that's not easy to say.


big n rich said...

What about bjs brewery? We need to party like the rock stars we are.

Buying Time said...

Everytime I go by BJs they are crazy crowded.

Little happen to be related to Earl?

Curious - you made my day!

Gwyn & Cymst - I am especially looking forward to meeting you both... If the weather is reasonable I might bring the little ones. They can't get into too much trouble on the patio. And my 2 year old loves to flirt with the ladies.

Sippn - I belive you owe Gwyn and me a drink.

mopar777 said...

Since I'm in the sign business I can put up a sign that says "bottom calling party" at our table so that we'll be indentified to members of our secret community that come in. Scratch that - what about "bitter renters party"

Remember when that's what they called us?

Fanchew said...

Count me in. ^^ It would be interesting conversation to say the least.

mcb44 said...

I will be there. Might be a little late if the Laker game is close, but I'll definately be there.