Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A brief look back

Time for the obligatory year in review.

Almost a year and 231 posts later, Average Buyer has had over 25,500 visits (approximately 1/4 of them unique), and over 44,400 pageviews (not including my visits and views =). Two thirds of my traffic comes from Lander's site. He "outed" my obsession pretty early on.

I often speak in slightly hushed tones when I tell my close friends, that I have a secret online life as a local blogger. Its both embarrassing and exhilarating at the same time. Some look at me like I just told them I am from outer space, and other more tech savvy friends pop in for a visit every once in a while. Mr. BT has gotten used to me sneaking off when household chaos is contained, to check and see if there are any new blog comments. In all honesty, I don't see this obsession as all that different from my little brother's fantasy football obsession (instead of sports scores, I check the housing blogs).

In general the blog has made it very tough to talk real estate with local friends, especially ones that are involved in the business somehow. When it comes to real estate, everyone thinks they are an expert if they have ever bought or sold a home. So telling people I run a local real estate blog is like telling them I can touch my tongue to my nose (i.e. it has absolutely no impact on my credibility or expertise).

Of course, now that the market is playing out more, or less, how many of us BBs had expected, the initial thrill is somewhat diminished, and has been replaced with the disgruntled resignation that this situation will take a long time to fully unfold.


sacramentia said...

"I often speak in slightly hushed tones when I tell my close friends, that I have a secret online life as a local blogger" too funny...blogging goes over worse at a cocktail party than talking about paris hilton!

Cmyst said...

awww, BT!

At least you're not a 50 year old female gamer, or in the SCA. Blogging is quite respectable in comparison.
I dunno why some of us get such flack from people who bowl, play bridge or spend half their paychecks at Thunder Valley.
As far as blogging, at least you get some good hits! My blog is more like therapy, or keeping a secret journal -- which is fine, because when I get the urge to pontificate (like I think I will about my gaming in a minute)I can write huge posts and get it all out of my system!

earl said...

Thunder valley casino is a total joke you guys.The gameing is total crap.they might have a couple good restaurants and that's about it.Haven't ben there in years.Would rather drive 2 hours to a real casino.

Buying Time said...

Now Cymst,

You are in very good company with us pack of nerds. I don't know a lot of suburman moms who actually read the WSJ for pleasure!

The thing I love the most about the blogosphere is that substance and content trump form and appearance.

Doesn't matter what gender, color, sexual orientation, income level, profession, country of origin, age, etc people come from. Doesn't matter how fat or thin, how tall or short, how ugly or beautiful. In the housing blogosphere most are judged by their thoughts.

Its quite a remarkable phenomenon in today's superficial society which tends to condemn people before they even open their mouth.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. Every time I am in your neighborhood I wonder if one of the women I see is BT. lol