Tuesday, January 1, 2008

January 2008 Good Buys & Offers

Please post homes you think are a good buy or any offers you know of that were accepted, especially to builders. It will help give others negotiating leverage when they are ready to buy.

Even just letting people know what type of builder incentives they can expect would be helpful since its hard to tell if they give everyone the same incentives.

Pieces of data to include: Zip Code, MLS or Development Name, List Price, Incentives, Offer (if any), house details (sq ft, garage size, lots size etc).

Feel free to post info for homes anywhere in the Sacramento Metro area. Just cause I tend to confine my search to the Gold River, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park areas doesn't mean others have to.


Buying Time said...

If we were going to buy in Serrano....I think this property would fit the bill nicely.... I think its priced right. We drove by today and there was a Mercedes in front (investor) walking around it. I don't think it will last long.

7051 TUSCANY WAY, MLS 70129629

Anonymous said...

Did you actually tour the house? The lot size is wonderful, but the pictures of the house left me cold. Is the 3 car garage a tandem, because from the pics it looks like a 2 car garage.


BMac said...

What the heck is that cage thing in picture number 3? Does every house in EDH come w/ a gimp storage locker?
Time to put that $400k bid in?

Cmyst said...

the cage is evidently a "wine cage". There is also a grotto and waterfall, and 2 dining rooms. Given the lot size, I wonder if there is a back driveway that might lead to that 3rd garage, perhaps below the front elevation.
It's not my cup of tea, even if I could afford it, but given the current sticky prices it's priced pretty aggressively for all those amenities in Serrano on a big lot.

Buying Time said...

We didn't go in cause we knew in the end we wouldn't really be serious about making an offer.

It only has a neighbor on one side. There is a trail and green space on the other two sides. Its a single story, on a large lot, with a tandem garage, and nice looking cabinetry....basically what we are looking for. The guts can be changed to our liking.

Honestly, all these newer homes are variations on the same theme...

Jacob said...

Well I have been looking (online) at 4/2 2000+ ft2 homes in roseville / rocklin / lincoln for a few years. <= 375k.

I few months ago there there were around 60 homes for sale, not there are 120. Also in November I started to see a few homes drop below 300k for the first time.

Today there are 11 under 300k.

One in particular (70089376) just dropped 101k in one shot, now that is a drop that makes me take notice.

maybe in 2008 sellers will get serious about selling and give up on the dream of what their neighbor got in 2005 for his home.

In 05 I was planning to buy in fall 08 but I might have to wait until 09 or later, unless the market gets the whole correction over with in 08 (which likely isnt even possible).

DFC said...


Why don't I find 7051 TUSCANY WAY, MLS 70129629 on ziprealty.com?

Buying Time said...

It went pending very quickly....you can see pending sales on www.Metrolistmls.com