Thursday, January 10, 2008

News n Notes

Bit short on time here are some links and news.

All about Sacramento Weather from NOAA

Find out if the neighborhood your are considering has any obnoxious neighbors nearby: Rotten Neighbor
(I was very surprised at how many listings there were for this area.....the RE section in one of the local papers recently discouraged people from reporting since it would drive their home value down...tsk tsk...seems like rather selfish advise).

And lastly the big breaking new for our area courtesy of the Sac Bee....looks like Doolitte is set to retire. What caught my eye was this quote from the article "in one of the most conservative districts in California." Mr. BT tried to make me feel better by noting that conservative for CA is different than conservative elsewhere (cause he is on Doolittle's side). Sigh, its a shame that Davis is completely unaffordable.


Cmyst said...

BT, has Mr BT researched Lt.Col.Charlie Brown much? I'd be very surprised if a fiscal conservative would be dismayed by Brown as their representative. He's running as a Dem, this is true, but he's actually fairly representative of this district -- he's pretty moderate. (Doolittle is "retiring" because he's under investigation and he's been such a little pr*ck that he's alienated his constituency; Brown came close to toppling him before and he'd likely do it in the next election for sure.)
I think what we have here in CA-04 is a mix of social conservatives further up in the hills and in the smaller communities, and I'd guess a pretty even split between liberals and fiscal conservatives in the larger communities like EDH and RV. There are a lot of retired military, both officers and enlisted, up here.
Sacramento actually is a "purple" city that only barely leans blue.

Thanks for the link to Rotten Neighbor!

Anonymous said...

I think there are plenty of social conservatives in EDH, Folsom, Rocklin, and Roseville. Look at the weekly attendance at some of the mega-churches like Bayside and Adventure Christian.

I used to live in south Placer County and it seemed to me that liberals (fiscal, social, or otherwise) were definitely in the minority. As an unapologetic liberal I finally got fed up with it and moved to Portland, OR, where we fit in much better.

Cmyst said...

OTOH, compared to my own hometown in downstate Illinois (which featured an open Bible and a vaguely threatening announcement as to its ultimate authority as a reference book), I view people here as being much more reasonable and moderate even if they are social conservatives.

Anonymous said...


Point well taken. From what I've heard it's quite common in parts of the midwest and south for newcomers to be asked straight-away what church they attend. I'm guessing a "none" answer would be met with raised eyebrows. So I would agree that the conservative areas of California, and the entire west coast for that matter, would be the "lite" variety.

Gwynster said...

In the tiny towns you still get the "what church do you go to?" question. Yes it's annoying but people don't do it as much as they did 30 yrs ago.

It's not as big of a deal in the larger cities and univ towns. We'd had such an outflow of liberal CA folks that parts of the midwest are becoming quite "purple". Apparently it's going to skew the 08 campaigns according to Mr. Gwynster (who still dishes politcal dirt with his former collegues).

Or do what I do they ask - make up a religion just to shut them up >; )

G Spot1 said...

I received my "welcome" to my new digs in CA-04 when I encountered the kid outside of Target in Roseville with a petition to get a parental consent law for abortion on the ballot (didn't we vote that down just last year?). I had never seen that before in Pasadena/LA.