Saturday, January 12, 2008

Food for Thought

Went to the Towne Center in El Dorado Hills last night. Businesses seem to be leaving just as fast as they are coming in.

My 2 cents on what we desperately need around here - Healthy, relatively inexpensive (under 20$ for a meal), take out. Examples would be, Baja Fresh, Panera, Dos Coyotes etc.

With two working parents, lots of families around here (especially mine) are looking for food that is fast and fresh that doesn't break the bank. Basically something between fast food (we have 3 of those) and sit down. Currently we have Stix, and Beach Hut which more or less fit the bill but I like a little variety.

Ohh I have an bout drive through sushi? How yuppie is that! Although sushi is usually a splurge for us. Rolls seem to start at 5$ each around here.


Sippn said...

Haven't been to the new Nugget there, but they should have a spectacular ready to eat food section.

Worth the walk in vs drive through.

Buying Time said...

Yes, I am anxiously awaiting...people I have talked to seem to worship Nugget. I hear they open on the 31st.

big n rich said...

Never stepped foot in a nugget and never plan to.

I enjoy rubios, panda express, chipolte and petes pizza for a cheap meal.They have pleunty to eat here in rosevile I guess.I don't mind spending 6-7 bucks on a decent meal.

On occasion I do the.99 cent heart attack meal too.

Jennifer said...

I totally agree about needing more food places like Baja Fresh. I will be interested to see how the shops do. The clothing shops are ridiculously expensive. $100 for kids jeans?!?! No thanks.

Cmyst said...

Nugget should be good for healthy take-out, I agree, sippn!
Please go to the Chipotle on E.Bidwell near Trader Joe's -- my college student works there.
I agree, we need more reasonably priced and healthy take-out places in EDH. The Sig LOVES Fat's Asian Bistro, but I'm tired of it and it's too expensive, and it's in Folsom anyway.

Paul said...

We don't visit Towne Center much, except for the summer Farmer's Market and an occasional movie. But if the small shops are turning over that frequently, it suggests to me that Mansour doesn't have the right mix (or maybe doesn't even try?), or the rents are too high (likely, I think), or ? But more reasonably priced sit down and take out food would be a step in the right direction.

It will be interesting to see what Nugget brings to the center. And whatever competition comes from the new commercial center being built on the south east corner of White Rock and Latrobe. It is likely to be a dismal time for CA commerical landlords as the consumer spending continues to slow.

Last night, the Mrs. and I were at a center at I-80 and Rocklin. Center was kept up, looked good from the street. Several restaurants and stores. But when we walked the center at 7:00 p.m. on a Saturday night, each of the 3 restaurants only had one table occupied. The Italian restaurant (which was restaurant #4), was out of business. I don't know if it was the location or a sign of the times.

Anonymous said...

add maui taco and mongolian grill place by the theatre in edh to your list. they are both <$10 places.

Oz said...

I think there's also a Chili's ner the theatre.

Having a Chipolte/Baja Fresh, a Mikuni (is this still slated to go in the town center?), and a couple or few other nearby eateries would be great!