Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another Mental Note to Self -

Prospective home should have good sturdy construction and solid doors. Our 4 year old drama queen seems to be developing quite the temper (of course the heat and lack of nap don't help the situation). Also preferable to have a home where sound doesn't carry (hence we lean more towards a one stories). Also nice to have - a good spot for time-outs.


sacramentia said...

Wow - you sound frustrated! A nice spot for timeouts? I thought the point was to have a lousy spot.

Buying Time said...

I was! She was in rare form yesterday. She hadn't done anything naughty, she was just breaking down over every little thing. So we tell told her its okay to cry, but she has to do it in her room (which doesn't go over well, cause she isn't getting the attention she wants).

I certainly hope its not an indicator of teenage years to come.

And yes...a nice lousy spots for time-outs!