Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hometown Blues

Looks like my home town has made housing headlines on CR today. While I don't normally read the zillions of comments on that site, I did feel compelled to add in my two cents....especially since my mom just closed escrow last week (she paid cash).


Max said...

I've traveled to Santa Maria several times over the past 5 years, and the growth has been amazing. Surrounding areas like Lompoc, Grover Beach - Pismo, Nipomo, SLO, and Paso Robles have also grown exponentially.

I always figured the South Central Coast would do OK since a lot of LA retirees pile into there and places like SLO, but I guess not.

Buying Time said...

I think SLO and the beach towns will do okay, not sure about Paso.

When I learned my mom was selling the small SFH in Santa Maria that I grew up in, for almost as much as my townhouse in the D.C. area (near the Metro), I knew something was wrong with the housing market. Yes its California, and Central Coast weather is close to ideal, but there is no way the locals could afford those houses. With $4 gas, it will get even worse, since many commute to jobs in high cost areas like SB.